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April 2015 Po Chai Pills® – Protecting you like parents

In the advertisement, Po Chai Pills® has conveyed the emotions of parental love through the classic hit “Walk by Your side”. The lyrics of the song which include “I will walk by your side forever, imprinting our footsteps everyday crossing oceans and climbing mountains” expressed the love and care parents provide for their children. The cover version was performed by Lil’ Ashes in a refreshing and elegant way to symbolise the concept of a family medicine perfectly.
“Parents are committed guardians that watch over the new generations.” The protection of a family requires more than love. For 110 years, Po Chai Pills® have safeguarded families by providing effective relief of common illnesses such as diarrhoea, vomiting, fever, headache and cold symptoms. The 100% pure Chinese medicinal formula protects you and your family. Po Chai Pills® is a medicine for the family.