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July 2018 Po Chai Pills® was offered “2018 Ultimate Travel Brand Award”


Po Chai Pills® is a widely trusted household Chinese medicine brand with over a century of tradition in safeguarding health for families. This year, Po Chai Pills® was elected as “Ultimate Travel Brand Of Essential Gastrointestinal Medicine For Travel” by Sky Publishing, the publisher of the “Glittery Book Series” – Ultimate Travel Guides.

This award not only recognizes the trustworthiness of Po Chai Pills®  among general consumers, but also reflects its excellent reputation and popularity among  travelers. Sky Publishing presented the 2018 Ultimate Travel Brand Awards to the winners during the 29th Hong Kong Book Fair 2018 held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 18 July 2018.

Sky Publishing was established in 2005. Its popular travel guides embellished with the signatory glittery laser effect on the book covers are among the Hong Kong’s leading travel books series which have provided a comprehensive travel guide and information for travel enthusiasts.

 elected as Ultimate Travel Brand Of Essential Gastrointestinal Medicine For Travel