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March 2015 Chinese Medicine Promotion Day & Outstanding Chinese Medicine Company Award Ceremony


In recognition of the contributions made by outstanding Chinese medicine companies in the promotion of Chinese medicine, the Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Industry Association gave out the first Outstanding Chinese Medicine Company in the Promotion of Chinese Medicine awards to these contributors during the Chinese Medicine Promotion Day held at Plaza Hollywood at Diamond Hill on 28 March 2015.

The occasion was graced by Vincent Fang, Ip Kwok-him, Yuan Wu JP and Paul Fan JP with celebrities such as Helena Law Lan, Liang Jiaqi and BOP sharing health tips. Li Chung Shing Tong Po Chai Pills® was recognised for its contribution to the promotion of Chinese medicine with the award. In addition, during the two-day Chinese Medicine Promotion Day, the public was able to gain a better understanding of Chinese medicine. Highlights of the event include, premium Chinese medicine display, free consultation, seminars, Tai-Chi demonstrations, recipe sharing, celebrity tips and performances, games and tasting sessions.