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July 2017 New video series – “Po Chai Pills® x Angela Yuen – Stand by You”

Po Chai Pills’® new series of videos is now broadcast online, including on our official Facebook and Youtube sites. Po Chai Pills® invites Angela Yuen, a highly be-loved popular young celebrity famed as “The Young Goddess of Arts”, as the actress in our video series to introduce the functions and usages of Po Chai Pills® for tackling the common malaises in our daily lives.

The new video series is produced in a cute and lovely daily-life tone with a touch of humor. The contents of the new campaign are designed to educate the younger generation on the usages of Po Chai Pills® in six daily life scenarios, with respective episode titles as “Meaning Of Travel”, “Headache After Drinking”, “Early Sign Of Cold”, “Work, Never Ends”, “Women Have Two Stomachs” and “What Shall We Eat Tonight”.

You can view the new series of videos in our first phase of the launch from Po Chai Pills® Youtube. Besides you can visit our Po Chai Pills® Facebook and give a “LIKE” for receiving the latest information of the campaign.