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September 2018 Po Chai Pills ®Launches New Commercial — Jim Yan Plays Multiple Funny Characters

Po Chai Pills® launches a new creative campaign under the theme “Fast Relief of 5 Major Gastrointestinal (GI) Problems” and the latest campaign video is now broadcast online, including posting in our official Facebook and Youtube sites. Being another fresh and creative approach in its new campaign development, Po Chai Pills® invites Jim Yan Chi Hong, a well-known radio DJ and artist with a humorous appeal , to play multiple amusing comical characters in the new commercial production. The new video is divided into different plots in which Jim mimics different funny characters , namely a muscular guy, a pretty stewardess, a picnic kid , a food-loving tourist, and three identical siblings in a party, against symbolic colorful settings of different daily life scenarios to highlight the five major GI problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, bloating, pain, stagnation that Po Chai Pills®  is specialized as a cure. Jim finally emerges as an expert to remind audience to consume Po Chai Pills®  when coming across with the 5 major GI problems at the end of the commercial.
Jim’s various funny styling and amusing performance would certainly catch audiences’ attention and help vividly deliver the brand image of Po Chai Pills® as a “Chinese medicine gastrointestinal experts” with over 120 years’ history of trust. The creative campaign was developed with the objective in mind to appeal to all age groups of consumers.
The new campaign exposure will also extend to offline media including outdoor billboards, outdoor TV, bus body poster, newspaper, magazine, drug stores display and more. Please visit our Po Chai Pills Facebook and give a “LIKE” for receiving the latest information of the campaign.