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Li Chung Shing Tong firmly believes that quality can be achieved through quality management systems specification planning. The company implements stringent controls from raw material procurement to product packaging with detailed records and analyses performed throughout the entire production process. This provides the foundation for continual improvement of the quality control process to ensure that products comply with both Hong Kong Department of Health specifications and international safety standards.

GMP certified plant

After four years of planning and implementation in production processes, operations and control, Li Chung Shing Tong’s Taipo plant received GMP certification from the Hong Kong Department of Health in 2014. The certification validated our commitment to continuous product quality improvement.

The core of GMP lies in quality control with stringent requirements on the production environment, such as temperature, humidity, air pressure & microorganisms. From production to primary packaging, products are processed in a clean environment which is complied with the international standard of “ISO 14644″ to ensure overall product quality.

Besides quality control systems, we also engage independent certification laboratories to perform testing on the metal, pesticide, microorganism and active ingredient content for raw materials or products before releasing them into the market. Through these stringent measures, we are able to provide safe, stable and high quality medicine.

From left to right: Purified water system, Heating ventilation and Air conditioning system, Compressed air system, Automatic pill-formation unit, Mixing and Refining system, 3,000 square feet laboratory, each product process is stringently controlled.
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