A: Medicine for the family should be stored in a cool, dry place unless specifically stated to be refridgerated to prevent it from spoiling. Avoid storing medicine in the bathroom, kitchen, damp places or somewhere that children can reach easily. Check the expiring date regularly and replenish the medicine stock often. It is recommended to store oral medicine and topical medicine separately to avoid accidents and misuses of medicine.

A: Informed consumers should take note of the registration number stated on the product packaging. The registration number for Chinese medicine will feature HKP-XXXXX, HKC-XXXXX or HKNT-XXXXX. Western medicine uses registration number HK-XXXXX. Do not identify medicine based on the image of the founder, cover design and taste of the medicine.

*The registration number for each product is different, denoted by XXXXX.

A: When the body is coping with diarrhoea, it loses a lot of fluides as well as and minerals. Therefore, it is recommended to consume drinks with electrolytes instead of plain water to replenish these minerals. In addition, Po Chai Pills® which is made with a century-old formula can also provide effective relief for diarrhoea symptoms.

A: The stomach is one of the six main internal organs. It receives food and performs initial digestion, which requires stomach movement. In addition, gas in the stomach will push digested food towards the small intestines and colon. That is the main function of stomach gas, in the absence of which, vomiting and bloated stomach may occur.

The spleen is one of the five major organs. Its functions are to ensure further digestion of the food in the stomach and absorb nutrients from the food. In addition, the spleen helps transport the nutrients to all parts of the body to maintain organ functions with help from the stomach and lungs. Otherwise, symptoms such as nausea and diarrhoea may occur. Therefore, spleen and stomach health will ensure proper digestion, absorption and excretion of food. It is very important to ensure that these organs function normally.

A: Chinese medicine believes that common gastrointestinal discomforts are caused by poor stomach and spleen health. The symptoms include diarrhoea, vomiting and stomach ache. Po Chai Pills® is made with a balance formula that is effective in improving spleen and stomach health. Under normal circumstances, people with poor stomach and spleen health can take Po Chai Pills®? To relief symptoms and regulate their body. If in doubt, always consult your doctor before taking the pills.

A: Each bottle of Po Chai Pills® contains many small pills. Compared to a bigger pill of equal weight, the small pills ensure greater surface area for better absorption, increasing the response speed.

A: Foods that are hard to digest, such as foods that are oily, fried or rich in fibre, alcohol and dairy products, raw and cold foods.

A: Cold symptoms are caused by the six negative influences – wind, chill, heat, moisture, dryness and fever, and can be categorized into anemofrigid and anemopyretic. Other than regular cold medicines, Po Chai Pills® is also an ideal choice in dispelling pathogenic wind and dampness, improve circulation and relief pain, improves spleen health and promotes digestion, improve appetite and antiemetic, and relieving cold symptoms such as headache, shivering, running nose, sneezing, fatigue and joint pain.

A: Po Chai Pills®is effective in the relief of cold and seasonal flu symptoms. Cold symptoms are caused by the six negative influences including wind, chill, heat, moisture, dryness and fever. Symptoms include headache, shivering, running nose, sneezing, fatigue and joint pain.


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